May 24, 2011

Welcome to my blog!

I am a Christian woman, wife, Stay-At-Home Mom and Business Owner.
My greatest fulfillment in life is being able to bless and touch others
with the life I have received through my relationship with Jesus Christ,
see lives changed, and situations improved (or made better). If I could
leave any type of legacy, it would be summed up in this phrase,
"Blessed to be a blessing"!

This phrase, "Blessed to be a blessing" is what has given me the
inspiration for this blog. The goal of this Pick Me Up Blog is to
uplift, encourage, inspire, and fill with hope everyone who visits. So
sit back, relax and enjoy your Pick Me Up tour and please come again and
invite some of your friends. Although the following clip is animated for
children, please let it inspire you to reach out and pick up others in
need too!


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